I would like to offer my car KIA SPORTAGE, 2012 to someone serious

  • 21st January 2021 3:15 pm
  • Bono Region


  • Category : Auto Services
  • Service Type : Other Services


Hello, my name is Maria Martins Roque
I would like to give the 2012 KIA SPORTAGE car to anyone who needs it. I work in the field of construction engineering. I have enough cars. Then I would like to donate the car I am currently using to someone in need. It’s a very good car. The few reasons I want to donate this car is that I just finished an employment contract here in France, now I want to go to England for another 10 year employment contract. So, in order not to leave the car here in France, I would like to give this gift to someone who needs to inform a new owner who could benefit from it and take care of it. Because my pastor told me to give this car to someone who really needs my gratitude to God.
Some people may sound like a joke, but I am very sincere and God bless you.