19-Year-Old Student Impregnates His 28-Year-Old Teacher

An anonymous lady has been left thinking and has sought the idea of cybercitizens after his 19-year-old son impregnated his 28-year-old teacher.

According to the lady, she has 19-year-old twins (a boy and a girl) whom she had chosen a female teacher because she didn’t want to employ a male teacher who will make sexual advances to her daughter.

Months after her appointment, the lady said the teacher came to her telling her that she was pregnant for her son.

After confronting his son, it was confirmed to her that he is responsible for the pregnancy.

The lady said the teacher has asked her to allow her to marry her son because they are in love with each other.

The lady said she was confused and do not know what to do.

Read her post below;

Hello, family, please I need your advice because it’s difficult to handle this issue.

I have 19yrs old twins (a boy & a girl), I wanted a home teacher for them because I don’t want a male teacher who might make advances on my daughter so I opted for a female teacher who is 28yrs.

This teacher is very good and very nice to my children. She’s made my children addicted to books, now my children’s academic performance is very very good. Infact I’m very happy to have her as my children’s home teacher. My children can now speak English and French frequently.

Beloved, after 8months of teaching my children, the teacher one day came to inform me that she is 3months pregnant for my son of which my son also accepted the pregnancy is really his. She says she is in love with my son so I should allow them to marry.

Family please I need your advice because I’m going nuts now. I can’t think far.”


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