‘You Went 2 Rounds With Him’ – Pastor Exposes Cheating Pregnant Woman In Front Of Her Husband – (VIDEO)

A rogue pastor has exposed a cheating pregnant woman in front of her husband and congregation for sleeping with a man out of her marriage.

He exposed her for going two rounds with a man who is not her husband.

According to the self-proclaimed prophet, God had shown him the men that she has had encounters with.

He blasted her for cheating on her partner, who is alleged to be the father of the baby she is carrying, with another man.

God reportedly showed him that she went for two rounds with the man.

The video has sparked a lot of reactions online, with most people condemning the rogue prophet for intruding on the woman’s privacy.

“This is utter rubbish. What kind of prophecy is this,” a Twitter user reacted.

“This is not a prophecy but gossip,” another Twitter user added.


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