Wicked world!! Man chops best friend’s girlfriend minutes after stepping out to get something for the girl

A disturbing video privy to browngh.com has an unknown man making s.e.x.u.a.l advances to his best friend’s girlfriend a few minutes after the friend has stepped out to get something.

In the clip, the lady was seen sitting close to her boyfriend on a couch facing a different direction while the friend was seen sitting next to them.

In the next scene of the video, the friend stretched his hand to grab the lady’s ass secretly.

When we thought the lady would react, she coped and gave a sign to the guy to continue.

This gingered the guy to do it more. Low and behold, the guy whose girlfriend has visited stepped out to get something for the girl and the rest of the scene has left netizens questioning the importance of having a fake friend pretending to love you.

Watch the video below



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