Amansie Central: DCE’s Thugs Chase Away School Feeding Caterers Leaving Pupils Starving

The District Chief Executive (DCE) for Amansie Central District Michael Donkor has chased away School Feeding Caterers in some schools in the district with thugs.

School children in the affected schools such as Jacobu SDA Primary School, Asikasu Methodist Primary school, Donkoase Primary and Afoako Primary school went angry after the DCE and his macho men went to the schools to sack School Feeding Caterers.

The thugs were seen putting out the fire the accredited caterer had set to prepare meals for the school children and scattered the kitchen utensils being used.

School Children including teachers ran for cover in the ensuing melee while the DCE and his assignees warned the caterers to stay away from the school feeding while some caterers’ phones were seized to prevent them from taking pictures and videos of the nasty incident.

Some of the caterers who spoke in an interview with Pure Fm Osei Kwadwo explained that “The DCE came to the schools with macho men to prevent us from doing our work”

According to the caterers “We have not received any sack letter from School Feeding Authority so we are surprised about the action of the DCE Michael Donkor”.

“We are not men but women so coming to chase us with macho men is very scary and it is not the right way to go” they said.

“Even if the DCE wants to take over the school feeding program in this district, he should use the right process than to chase us with macho men and policemen”.

All efforts to get the DCE proved futile as he failed to answer our phone calls for clarification.

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