(Video) : Cheating Husband Caught Buying Groceries For His Girlfriend After Leaving His Family With No Food, Angry Wife Destroys His Car

An Angry wife has destroyed her husband’s car with bricks and stones after she caught him in town with another woman while they were on their way to buy groceries.

It is alleged that the husband lied to his wife about having debts and told her that his bosses underpaid him so he had to repay the mechanic who fixed his car.

Unfortunately for the man, he got caught in town strolling with his side chic while on their way to buy groceries for her(side chic) with money meant to feed his family.

His wife attacked the vehicle she contributed money for him.

” After 27years you tell me it is over, you will know what Muthi is today” the woman angrily said after her husband told her the marriage is over.

Watch the video below:

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