Lady Spotted In Oxlade’s Viral Tape To Sue Him For 20m; (DETAILS)

A lady in Oxlade’s viral tape is rallying to sue the Nigerian singer of 2 million Naira after she was exposed.

According to reports, the lady is pissed at Oxlade for the video being released which has caused her some problems in her personal life.

Apparently, the lady’s long-time boyfriend has dumped her after the video was released which showed her being pounded by the singer.

In reaction, she’s now turning her anger on Oxlade.

Nigerian gossip blog Gossip Mill reported on this development in the Oxlade saga.

“Lady in Oxlade’s viral tape has cried out oh, her long-term serious boyfriend just broke up with her after seeing the viral video. Now she says she wants to sue Oxlade. She wants N20million compensation for damages Oxlade has caused her and her family!!!” the blog wrote.

“This comes after the viral tape of Oxlade and the lady was released on social media earlier this week.

The video went wildly viral and had Nigerians praising Oxlade’s performance in bed.

Wahala for Oxlade now after enjoying himself and recording it!

That one round might end up costing him N20million!”


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