Legon: Student Cries Bitterly After His Girlfriend’ Whom He Paid Her School Fees With His Hostel Fees Dumped Him -(Video)

When you’re inexperienced and you fall in love, you must make sure that you don’t give your all to that very person you’re in love with or it can hurt you in the end. Many young ones have endured severe heartbreaks at very at their tender ages and it’s very awkward to see them suffer.

Some have done so crazy things in the name of love and it is sometimes hilarious when you hear about some of these stories.

However, a Polytechnic Student who used his hostel fees to pay his girlfriend’s hostel fees got dumped afterward. He was seen lamenting, panting, sweating, and weeping sorrowfully.

How can you use your hostel fees to pay your girl’s fees as a Student? This is outrageous of him.

Watch the video below;


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