The Divo has various enhancements including extra weight savings, upgraded suspension, and a host of aerodynamic artistry.

Divo in front of eiffel tower
Any Bugatti enthusiast would love to hit the road in a Divo. This hyper sports car comes with a ferocious futuristic design. Bugatti created this true masterpiece automotive with a unique personality and exceptional driving performance. It is a successful revival of the company’s coachbuilding tradition over the years.

An exclusive version of the Chiron, the Divo has a more exotic look. The name of this car pays homage to Albert Divo, a French racing driver. He won the prestigious Targa Florio endurance race in the 1920s twice in a Bugatti.

With a production cap of only 40, the Divo has various enhancements including extra weight savings, upgraded suspension, and a host of aerodynamic artistry. The Divo has a carved-up hood, cheese-grater taillights below a huge wing, and a dorsal fin to distinguish it from the Chiron.

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Now is time to get up close with the wow-inducing interior features of the Bugatti Divo to see how they are fit to be in a $6 Million car.

Now is time to get up close with the wow-inducing interior of the Divo. This car’s cabin has a symmetrical layout with an asymmetrical color scheme. The driver’s side has a Divo Racing Blue and the passenger’s side is black. With seats offering tremendous lateral support, the steering wheel has partial faux suede wrapping and two huge paddle shifters on the sides.

Bugatti minimized the storage compartments and sound-insulation materials to save weight. The cockpit has some changes. An exclusive carbon-fiber trim replaces the Chiron’s luxurious vibe saving more weight.

The double tone interior with Divo Grey Alcantara and Racing Blue accents is pleasing. There are also the steering wheel paddle shifters and glass-blasted anodized metal accents to get the heart racing.

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Bugatti Divo's interior
Via: Motor Authority

The Divo is among the fastest cars in the world but its infotainment system is not the most advanced. Missing integrated Wi-Fi, Apple CarPlay, and touch screen displays is not such a big issue. Its Accuton custom-made sound system has tweeters with one-carat diamond membranes. This avails the driver with crisp clear tones that output a rich sound.

The infotainment info display is in the instrument cluster. Bugatti prioritized technologically advanced aero bit and weight saving. Therefore, the Divo does not come with a contemporary infotainment system having LED screens and high tech driver assistance features. Drivers can delete the Accuton sound system to boost the car’s power-to-weight ratio.

Seating And Interior Space

Bugatti Devo seating
Via: Motor Authority

The Divo’s interior has splatterings of titanium, leather, and carbon fiber everywhere. Its broad proportions allow enough shoulder room and legroom for a six-foot driver and passenger. The dashboard, door inserts, seats, and other fixtures have a Divo Racing Blue color scheme. This 2-seater offers enough comfort to give value to its price tag.

Safety And Driver-Assistance Features

The Divo does not need crash testing from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Some of the safety and driver assistance features in this car to highlight include the push-button start. Its safety system includes an advanced stability and traction program, curtain airbags, side-impact, and a rear-view camera with rear and front parking sensors.

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Customizing a Bugatti Devo
Via: Autodevot

A Bugatti is not an ordinary car. Buyers have an option to select the color design for alloy wheels and other features. With enough to spend, buyers can customize a Bugatti in any way they fancy.

The Divo is customizable with special colors, fabrics, and other touches to give it a unique appeal. A 15-man team at Bugatti is always available to spec the car at the Molsheim factory. This process involving a technician and a designer lasts about five hours.

According to Anne Beynat, the Bugatti Sales Coordinator, customers can customize their Divo with national flags, logo, family crest, or special color scheme. Some buyers desire to make their Bugatti have color and leather matching their favorite pair of shoes or handbag.

Most Divo owners have owned a Chiron before making them understand what to expect. The technical team is ready to customize the car without compromising vehicle safety or adjusting the company logo.

Cargo Space

Although the Bugatti Divo is synonymous with big numbers, it is not the same when it comes to cargo space. The available space in the trunk is just two cubic feet. This is only enough for a Big Mac meal with some chicken nuggets.

The interior of the Divo has a glove box and phone storage area in the front console. This mid-engined vehicle has a powerful W16 engine with 1,500 horsepower that sits behind the cabin to create room for an elongated roof and extra storage.

The Divo is a supercar with agility, lateral acceleration, and cornering that embodies straight-line dynamics, high performance, and luxurious comfort.

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